Effective Marketing Strategy For Bloggers With No Money

Effective Marketing Strategy for Bloggers with No Money

When I started writing blogs here in WeeklyHow, All I had was spare money to keep my domain up for three months. I have no budget for investing in a good-looking WordPress theme, all I had was an experience, passion, and hope for growth that I always wanted to achieve.

Maybe this is what you are too right now, looking for ways to help your blog grow and be noticed by search engines.

What can we do?

The questions that bloggers usually ask is “What can I do to..”

  • make my blog grow?
  • improve google search rank of my blog?
  • make people subscribe to my mailing list?
  • obtain readers and make them come back for my new content?
  • get people to share my content?
  • make people talk about my blog?
  • ..and more

We all wish to find the answers to these questions. So in this article, I will be giving you ideas about effective marketing strategy and how to effectively market your blog without spending cash.

The way to the top

So how can you actually get your way up to the top and to the front of blogging industry line?

Well, you need to do a lot of work. It means putting a lot of time in keeping your blog fresh. A fresh blog that creates trust and builds awareness.

Blogging without money is like going to work without a fare for a taxi. You walk, instead of riding. Which still leads you to your desired destination but it will take you time.

You can achieve growth without spending cash by doing the following:

Word-of-mouth recommendation

The idea behind this is by suggesting another person, to check out your blog because it helped them, and that person can also suggest your blog post to his friend, and so on.

This is an effective marketing strategy especially when your blog talks about hot topics such as news and trends.

Another thing you can do to effectively market your blog using word-of-mouth is by giving people rewards. Give them something whenever they signup for your blog. These people will likely share this promo with other people.

People love to talk especially when they hear or see something interesting. So go ahead, write a blog that could potentially conceive people share your words.

Use Social Media

There are lots of social media that you can use to get free marketing, including Facebook and Twitter.

Out of all of the social media, Pinterest and LinkedIn were my favorites because it gives me a different result compared to Twitter and Facebook.

All I do is just pin a nice and eye-catching photo, and boom! people will visit your blog. Most of them will also comment on your blog saying that they liked the photo that you posted.

Don’t get me wrong, every social media gives a different result. I believe that it’s just about experimenting with what’s working and what’s not. Just keep using social media. I promise it will help your blogs a lot.

Guest Blogging

Provide high quality content for free on blogs with your target audience, then softly advertise your blog in a way where both you and the site owner will benefit.

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