Secrets to Increase Your Blog Traffic from 0 to 100,000


Every blogger knows that getting website traffic is not easy. It takes blood, sweat, and tears. However, with the right method, you will find your ways to increase your website traffic in less than 3 months.

That’s why in this article, I’ll be giving you my secrets to gain more page views and increase your website traffic.

Early in my blogging history, I published an article about how to write your very first blog. This was an idea on how to properly write your blog posts. So if you are new to web blogging industry, you might want to read the article to have an idea on how to write a blog post. It may also help you correct some errors on your published blog posts.

In this article, you will learn..

  • My secret for increasing your website traffic
  • Things to avoid in blogging


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My Secrets for Increasing my Website Traffic

You may have already heard this, but the biggest secret to increasing your website traffic is by marketing each of your blog posts. However, it is important to keep your content in a very high standard. In other words, if you try to market a low-quality blog post, what’s the point? Yes, it’ll gain page views but it won’t make them an actual subscriber to your website.

How Do I Actually Market My Blog Posts?

There are many ways to do this, you may use social medias to market your blog posts. But let me tell you, marketing your blog posts to social medias is not the only way to increase your website traffic. In fact, it only helps like 20% on increasing your page views.

Some bloggers advertise their blog posts. Personally, this tactic is not an ideal way to increase your page views. However, this might work if you’re trying to increase your sales plus your website traffic.

I’ll be giving you a list of ways to effectively help you market your blog posts.


1.) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google search is the best way to gain website viewers for your articles. Millions of users use a search engine every second. So think if at least one of your blog posts came at the very top of a search result and thousands of users search for that article. Your blog post will surely gain lots of traffic.

So how do you SEO blog posts? the answer is simple, by using keywords.
Good solid keyword research is my favorite way to increase my website traffic. The one and only tip that I can give you is to use MANY keywords without repeating the keyword (for more than twice or thrice). Use different keywords related to the article. The more unique keywords, the better.


2.) LinkedIn / Pinterest

LinkedIn and Pinterest are two of my favorites when it comes to marketing my blog posts. It gives a different result compare to marketing using Facebook or Twitter.

I will say that Pinterest is the best way to market your articles. Two of my popular pin in Pinterest is still giving me over 6,000 page views a month. This will rarely happen if you try to market your blog posts on Twitter.

My tip is to make great pins, make your images eye-catching to attract viewers and surely your website will gain more traffic.

3.) Email Subscribers

Are you using newsletter in your blog? If not, do it now!

It is confirmed that collecting email subscribers will help you increase your website traffic. Typically, bloggers send newsletters about their latest post to their subscribers. Personally, I think this is a mistake. Because you’re making your subscribers miss your old posts that can be helpful.

My tip here is to use an autoresponder that leads your subscribers to your old articles. I recommend using GetResponse.


Things To Avoid in Blogging

If you want your blog to succeed, you have to follow the rules in blogging. Avoid the things that can potentially hurt your blog. It isn’t that hard, but it is all on you. And that is “Patience”. Sometimes you will feel like all of your hard work is not giving you results that you’re expecting. That’s where patience comes in. Give your blog lots of time and effort. Do lots of research and avoid being frustrated all the time because that won’t help your blog at all.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has given you some idea on how you can increase your website traffic. Keep in mind that all of the tips provided in this article won’t work if you don’t have patience and love with what you’re doing. Be thoughtful about how you can reach your ideal viewers. Good luck!


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