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Becoming a Shopify developer can be extremely challenging and frustrating but with our tools and top-quality courses, you can become a Shopify expert in a short period of time. Join our community!

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Learn how to create Shopify apps and themes through the following highly-rated courses.

Learn shopify liquid onlinw

Unleash Your Shopify Store’s Potential: Master Liquid Programming!

Create shopify themes 2.0 with TailwindCSS course

Build Stunning Shopify Themes with Shopify CLI & TailwindCSS!

Create shopify apps using PHP online course

Jumpstart Your Shopify App Journey: Beginner-Friendly Development!

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Learner’s Success Stories

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Vu Vo

Bernard really helped us get exposed to the fundamentals of Shopify theme code and a few pitfalls that you may run into while developing Shopify themes

Gopal Satam

Amazing! Great course on Shopify Theme Development. After watching all the lessons so far I found learning Liquid language is quite enjoying and easy to understand. Thanks Bernard!

Jessica Doram

I learned a lot from Bernard’s course. I was from 0 Shopify knowledge to expert dev in just a few days. Job well done, thanks for sharing your knowledge!