How to Create Viral Content on Your WordPress Blog

How To Create Viral Content on Your Website

Getting yourself at least one content that goes viral is like a jackpot feeling as it can bring tons of new visitors back to your website. The number one priority that you should be focusing on is the quality of your content. It’s not about the quantity, not at all. To learn how to create viral content on your blog, stay focused on how to do that.


Obviously, there is no guarantee that all of your “high-quality” blog posts will go viral. But, following these steps and having consistency can improve your website traffic.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to create viral content based on everything that works in the real world.

1.) Keep yourself updated to what’s trending or viral!

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If you’re wanting to learn how to create viral content, it is important to keep yourself updated to what’s happening to the entire world. Keep reading news articles, and talk about it in your blog posts (if your WordPress blog is about news and stuff) However, there’s a way to put these trending news in your blog posts without actually talking about the entire story. Make it as an example, let’s say your blog posts are all about games, and a new product of Apple is trending. Let’s say a new iPhone, then include it in your post by saying “this game that was developed by Company X is compatible to the newest product of Apple, and that is iPhone X..treme..” (see what I did there?)

2.) Create a content that is relatable.

Another thing to remember when you’re wanting to learn how to create viral content is to make it relatable as much as possible. You don’t want to create content that is only targeted to a small group of readers. So as much as possible gather all the audience and don’t pick just five of them. So how can you do this? simple, just do a lot of research. Actually no, don’t do research anymore because we’ll talk about it here. A good example of this is an article about getting in shape or being healthy. Mostly everyone wanted to be healthy. So make a content talking about how to be healthy. I know there are thousands of articles that already talked about this but it’s not about that. it’s about how you write the content, and how unique it is from the rest of the websites that people knew.

If you haven’t posted anything in your WordPress blog, you may want to learn how to write your first blog post.

3.) Keep your content optimized

Now that you have an idea of what your blog posts should contain. It’s a good practice to make it also optimized. It is important to learn how SEO works so if you don’t know what SEO means. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a practice where you’re making your content searchable by using keywords, images, and titles. Another thing to keep in mind is that always use keywords that are popular but low in competition. What does it mean? It means that you should use keywords that were never been used by other articles and also popular.



Learning how to create viral content is pretty easy by just following all these tips you could get that sweet traffic that you’re wanting to have.

In conclusion, you have to ensure to make your content go viral, the blog post must be:

  • Talking about what’s trending or could be relatable to what’s trending
  • Relatable to most of the audiences and possibly gain more.
  • Optimized by using strong keywords but low in competition

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below

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