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How To Write Your First Blog Post


Everyone in this world loves writing, I think it’s in our nature to love writing something, I myself loves writing especially in my journals and stuff, Every time I experience something I always write it down every time I learn something I write it down.

Why? because these notes can be used not only by you but also by millions of people. Unless it’s your diary, you don’t want everyone to know that your crush’s name is Lisa. Same goes to writing blogs, it’s the same as writing in your diary, however blogging is not your diary where you keep it just to yourself, Blogging is literally shown to millions of people to read. In this article, I’m going to teach you how to write your first blog post.

Writing blogs seems to be the hardest thing to do, it MUST be unique.
But before we start writing blogs. First, we must understand what is a blog.

What is a blog?

A blog (also known as Weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”). The word blog can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.

Blogging is the most popular thing on the internet, everyone does blogging and to be honest, you- who are reading this article, you had already
written a blog. Where? in your social media like Facebook, Twitter, or in your Instagram. You post images with captions or descriptions about something that you have experienced yesterday.

After you read this article there is no reason you can’t write blogs easily.
With this, you can literally write everything you want as long as you know the subject that you’re writing about.

How to Start Writing a Blog?

Here is the list of things you need to remember when writing your first blog post:

1. Understanding the targetted audience.

To whom are you writing your blog? Is your article for kids? Teenagers? Adults or for Elders?
Before writing a blog you must know first which people you’re targeting. Of course, you can target multiple categories of people as long as you know what you’re writing. Say for instance your target audiences are millennials and they’re looking to start growing their own social media accounts.
Then you must start giving them pieces of information about growing their social media instead of teaching them how to create a Facebook account because let’s face it, everyone knows how to make a Facebook account, even 3-year-old kids know how to do it already. Trust me.

2. Getting a domain

Now that you understand your audiences, It’s time for you to create a domain where you can upload your posts, there are FREE web hostings out there where you can make CMS (Content Management Systems). your domain will look something like where yourdomain is the name of your website. it’s all up to you. However getting a .com domain takes money, but there are web hosting providers that sell this domain for the cheapest price like

Designing your blog to have a nice and neat interface for both mobile and desktop users

Have you heard of WordPress? No? It’s a good example of CMS. It is a system where you can posts articles easily and fun because of it’s User Interface. WordPress is kind of similar to, I mean it’s pretty similar.
You can also use to start working on your blog posts either of these works fine. It’s just a matter of how you use it.

Here are the FREE web hosting providers you can try:

3. Designing the website

This is the most fun part, designing your website. It’s like grooming yourself or your room, or your entire house.

It’s all UP TO YOU, However.. keep in mind that the design of your web pages MUST be related to what your blogs gonna be about.

Say, for instance, your article is about technologies, then your logo, your banners, your background, I mean everything, MUST be related to technologies, I’m not saying that your website must look like a robot or something, just make it presentable. So your audience will stay in your webpages longer than you expected.

I have used once and they provide support with how you design your website and you can get a FREE domain with It’s just amazing!

4. Identify your first blog post

Now that you have everything set up, it’s time for you to make your very first blog post.

Now How? How do you make your first blog post? Trust me, I asked that question as well to myself.
Writing your first article is just the toughest thing you’d ever encounter since it’s the first post, it must be interesting right?

This is why this article is my very first article here in, it’s because I wanted to know how to write blog posts correctly.
I made hundreds of research on how to do this and it’s quite fair to say that I’m on the right track right now.

Writing your first article can be pretty general, say for instance you wanted to teach how to assemble computers, you can do that by giving instructions in your post.

5. Create a nice blog title

Titles are really important as it attracts readers to read your article, it must have keywords that relate to your blog post.

Say for example your article talks about Computer Motherboards, then you can title your post something like:

Different Types Of Computer Motherboards That You Need To Know“.

Titles should give enough information to tell your audience what you’re going to talk about.

The keywords there are really important as well. like the “Different Types” and “Computer Motherboards“.

These keywords are being used by Google or other Search Engines for SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

6. Writing an introduction

In every article there is an intro, you can’t just go straight to the point and tell them what they have to do to fix their problems.

Tell some stories or tell some jokes, you have to grab their attention to make them stay in your articles because titles must be captivating.

Then go little by little, proceed to the main point and that is your topic.

Example From: Who The Hell Are YOU? by Naomi Dunford

It will please some of you to know that I almost titled this article ‘What’s My Name, B*tch?’ it will please the rest of you to know that I realized not everyone spends as much time watching hardcore p*rn as I do and begrudgingly decided against it

7. Organizing articles

It is also important to make your articles organized. Make the formatting clean and neat. Titles should be bold, texts or descriptions must be colored and placed nicely according to your web design.

Lists should be formatted as well. For example, use bullet list or number list to list down your examples.

Use indents as well… It will make your articles organized and easy to follow.

8. Publishing articles

If you think your blog post is ready to be shown to millions of people, then it’s time for you to publish your blog post.

However, publishing articles doesn’t mean you only have to just press the publish button. It’s highly recommended to double-check every part of your blog post like the titles, URL slug, the headings, the paragraphs, images, etc.

So before hitting that publish button, make sure you have everything checked.

Now that’s it, that’s how you create a blog post, I know there are more things you need to remember on how to make the best blog posts but I just wanted to share the main point of making blog posts, In the future, I will give more detailed instructions on how to improve your blog.


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