Our origins

WeeklyHow started as a blog for sharing programming lessons and also a way for Bernard, to get online clients. Somewhere in the middle of 2019, we decided to make our niche focus on Shopify Development, Game Development (a little), and E-Commerce. We started removing all of the content that is not related to our current niche to ensure that readers can find what they need. One of our goals is to give everyone the ability to create extraordinary applications.

The year 2020 is such a challenging year yet we decided to move forward and improve our platform to give lessons to our readers. right now, you’re not just going to read tutorials, you’re going to learn with us through our courses, quizzes, and QnA.

Everyone deserves to have the best experience when it comes to learning and that’s why we’re here to provide you that experience.

For partnership and business development inquiries, please email us at contact@weeklyhow.com