About Us

Our story started a few years ago, my colleagues and I were talking about our projects to help a small community to achieve their goals.

Michael, a lovely friend of mine suggested that we should run a small company where we can post tutorials for everyone to use and that’s what we did.

We wrote lots of articles on our own, brainstorm ideas. Until we decided to make this website “WeeklyHow“.

What is WeeklyHow?

WeeklyHow is the place for everyone who wants to learn programming, more specifically in web development and game development.

We have written hundreds of lessons about Shopify App Development, Game Development, E-Commerce, SEO and Marketing Strategies for your websites and businesses.

Why WeeklyHow?

WeeklyHow? That’s an odd name they say.

We ended up calling this WeeklyHow for the reason that we usually post new blogs every weekend hence the name “Weekly”, and additionally, we added “How” due to the fact that this web is supposed to provide tutorials and HowTos. But as time goes by, we realized that we can provide more. Not just tutorials but also news, lifestyles, programming, marketing strategy and more.

We believe that the name is also unique and we’re proud to keep this as it is.

We wanted to thank you for having the interest to know who we are, We also want to express our gratitude for you being part of this community.

We are hoping that in the future you and I are still together, helping everyone.