10 Highly Recommended Blogging Tips for 2019

Every year, the number of bloggers are ridiculously increasing. Just open your social media apps and try to notice how many blog posts you will see.
There are millions, right? So here’s the question. Is there still a place for bloggers like you and me?

The answer is absolutely!


According to WordPress, the number of people who reads blog posts are nearly around 409 million and they read more than 22 billion pages each month. That’s a lot of people and page views.

So what can you do to gain a percentage of that billions of views? Research and ask for expert advice.

Starters tend to forget how important research is, most of them thought that what we know is enough and I gotta admit I’ve been like that too.

So in this article, we’ll be giving you 10 highly recommended blogging tips for the year 2019 and obviously, you can still utilize these tips in your future blogs.

Understand Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important keys that you should always try to understand.
SEO is always shifting – and because of that, your content must be always updated to be continuosly found via search.

It’s been said that by 2020, voice search will keep on rising up to 50% – almost half of text search. Special thanks to Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Also, videos will keep on dominating in search results. So consider adding videos to your blog posts without overdoing it as much as possible.

Setting Goals

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Obviously, when you make a blog – you set goals. Your goals may be to grow your subscriber base, boost sales, get more clients – as long as your blog content has a very specific objective in mind.

You can make your content entertaining but it also needs to give your readers an idea on what actions to take after reading your content.

Set your goals for days, weeks or months and make actions for your goals. For example, you want to attract more visitors. You may do so by making content that will attract visitors. Be passionate with your blog, your viewers can see through your posts what your intentions are.


Making High Quality Content

Whenever a user type in the Google search bar. Google spiders or crawlers will start looking for the best result it can offer. They usually look for the websites and blogs that has the best relevant answer, and start displaying the list of those websites.

In other words, if the quality of your content is high then it will be displayed in the search results. So make sure you give everything you can when you write a blog post.

How can I make high quality blog post?

The answer is pretty simple, be straight-forward with your content without sacrificing SEO. Use keywords that can be crawled by search engines and always do research.

Be the reader

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Try to put yourself in the shoe of others but as a reader.

  • What do you feel when you read your own blog posts?
  • What does it sound like? does it sound like genuine?
  • Do you feel a connection when you read your blog posts?

Those are the things that you should consider when you write a blog. Keep in mind that search engines also read your content. They can scan all the words that you write in your blog post and if search engines does not like your content, then obviously your readers will feel the same way.

Daily Grinding is Normal

Blogging is no doubt hard, there will be times that you will feel exhausted and be done with it. It’s normal, but do you know what’s NOT normal? starting a blog and leave it behind after a few days or weeks because they don’t see growth from it.

Growing a blog doesn’t happen in just a few weeks. You have to work for it every single time. Not days, not weeks but all the time. You always need to check your website, with or without visitors. You have to check if the site is running or not. You have to check if the site is fast or not. Because let me tell you, the speed of website is also important in Search Engine Optimization.

So if your main goal is to make your blog BIG, then daily grinding is what you need to be doing.

Don’t Copy and Paste

This is what you should avoid, copying and pasting other blogger’s post into your own blog post.

This is not going to help your blog at all, it’s true that there are millions of blog posts about certain things that may cause duplication of contents. But if you personally give your own words or thoughts in your posts, then I don’t think it’s possible to have a duplicate of what you have made.

Just keep it real.

Keep your blog fresh

You might be thinking that once you published your content, you won’t have to look back at it again. But unfortunately, you are wrong,

It is very important to always keep your blogs fresh and updated. Why? because if your old blog posts were crawled by Google. Updating them will make Google or other search engines crawl at them once again.

So go back to your old contents and see if there’s something that you can add in your posts.

Use Newsletter

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Marketing experts will always say that email marketing is crucial for any blog. It effectively boosts your website’s engagement by making your subscribers click to whatever email you send.

If you are new to Email Marketing and you are using WordPress for your blogs then you can try EmailChimp, it is a free plugin that you can use to send emails to your subscribers.

Be consistent always

Being consistent is obviously different from daily grinding. Consistency with your blog topics can attract more visitors.

So I will personally encourage you to try making a series of blogs about a certain topic. For example, make 10 parts of blog posts talking about a movie or anime. Readers are more likely to read your next episodes if they find your content entertaining so keep it fun for your readers 😉

Do It Again and Again

If you have utilized everything that was mentioned in this article then congratulations! However, blogging never ends for everyone. You have to do everything all over again and again and again. yes, again.

Keep reviewing your blog posts. Visit every page you have in your blog and make sure that everything is available for everyone to see.


In this article we have learnt the things that we should keep in our mind when it comes to blogging:

  1. Importance of SEO
  2. Quality of content
  3. Daily grinding with consistency
  4. Always do research
  5. Keep your blogs updated for SEO
  6. Importance of Newsletter
  7. and Self-discipline

Writing and maintaining your blogs can be exhausting. But with knowledge and passion, blogging can be easy and fun. So keep on learning and no doubt that someday, you will reach your goal.



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