The Best YouTube to WAV Converter Online [2020]

The Best YouTube to WAV Converter Online [2020]

YouTube viewers often convert youtube videos into a different format especially for the purpose of saving them to their devices. Downloading videos from YouTube and converting them to WAV file is a very simple process.

Today, we’ll be showing you the best YouTube to WAV converter online that you can use every day on every device you have.


Best YouTube to WAV converters online

There are hundreds of YouTube downloaders out there that can convert YouTube videos into WAV files but today, we’ll only show you the best YouTube Downloader that you can use anytime and anywhere.

YTBTO – Fast Youtube to WAV Converter

YTBTO - Fast Youtube to WAV Converter

YTBTO is one of the well-known YouTube to WAV converters online. It is very easy to use and its backend design makes the converter fast and reliable for converter YouTube videos to WAV files.


  • Fast and easy to use
  • High-quality WAV conversion
  • No registration required
  • No annoying popup ads

How to use

  1. Simply paste your YouTube video URL and click convert.
  2. Select the best quality, format and click download.

YouTube-WAV – Online YouTube to WAV Downloader

YouTube-WAV - Online YouTube to WAV Downloader and Converter

One of the best and most popular YouTube to WAV converter online is the YouTube-WAV. The said converter is straight to the point. No wasting time. With just one YouTube video URL you’ll be able to download and convert YouTube videos into WAV and more formats.


  • Free to use!
  • Can be used anytime & everywhere
  • Converts YouTube videos to WAV in SUPER HIGH definition
  • Works instantly
  • No registration needed
  • Unlimited downloads to other formats

How to use

  1. Simply paste your YouTube video URL on the Video URL to WAV textbox and press Continue.
  2. Select the Format (By default, this should be set to WAV).
  3. Press the Download button and wait for several seconds.
  4. After the conversion is finished, you can finally download the converted file.

According to some users, there are cases that the said converter does not work properly. One of the issues being raised is that the converter takes time to convert before you can successfully download the WAV file.

To others, they encounter issues where the downloader does not allow users to download especially based on their location. As of this moment, there is no reason why and how this is happening.

Other downloaders

other best youtube to mp3 downloaders online for free 2020

If in case the featured downloader didn’t work for you, you can always use the YouTube to MP3 downloaders that we featured in our previous Best Downloaders Existed.


You may be thinking that downloading YouTube videos to WAV will never give you the highest quality audio at all. We totally agree with that and that’s why it’s best to download it first using the tools we provided above and then use audio tools like Audacity or FL Studio to master the audio file and re-export it to WAV to successfully have high-quality audio.

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