Why Learn Game Development?

Why Learn Game Development?

Are you thinking of becoming a Game Developer? or are you just wondering how game development works?
In this article, we’ll be giving you ideas about game development and its importance of learning it.

gamer playing minecraft game

Research suggests that playing video games can improve regions of your brain. Which are responsible for your attention and visuospatial skills- and make them more efficient.

Playing video games also helps reduce stress. Though it depends on what type of video game you are currently playing. Most video games are developed to challenge the players, make them feel frustrated, and keep them go play over and over again. These games are called mostly “strategy games”

But what really is a video game?

A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a two- or three-dimensional video display devices such as a TV screen, Virtual reality headgear, or computer monitor.

Video games have been studied seriously for years and have been experimented with by many developers. If you don’t know, there are hundreds of different video games online and offline that players can enjoy. One of the most popular games nowadays is Minecraft. But there are also games that are popular like Grand Theft Auto, and Call of Duty. These video games are sold worldwide and one of the reasons why is because it is enjoyable and truly addictive.

There are many ways to enjoy a video game, one is to use a desktop gaming computer, two is to use a gaming console, and three is to use a mobile device. Of course, those are not the only apparatus that you can use to enjoy a video game but that being said, video games are created for entertainment and that’s all.

So, you might be wondering now…

How do you make video games?

Games are made simply by coding using a certain programming language. However, in this generation, most games are created using a game engine. A good example of this is Unity and Unreal Engine. These two game engines are two of the most used game engine in the game development industry.

Why should I learn game development?

There are plenty of reasons why you should learn about game development and how to create video games. If you enjoy playing games, chances are, you’re going to enjoy MAKING games too.

By learning how to make games, your knowledge will be extended far beyond what you expected. You will learn many programming languages such as C++, C#, HTML5, and JavaScript. You will also be able to learn Android (if you are into mobile games), iOS, and many more.

You should learn about game development because the gaming industry itself is VERY BIG and there’s no doubt that this will be much bigger in the future. There will be no end to this. In other words, your career will have no dead end. In fact, even if you change your career from game development to a different industry like, animation, web, and design, it wouldn’t be much of an issue because you will know most of it in game development.

Game Development consists of parts:

  • Game Designing – This includes terrain or platform designing, character designing, animations, cutscenes, and many more. So if you try to study game development. You will surely encounter all of this and it’ll benefit you in the future- no doubt.
  • Game Programming – This is obviously going to be part of your game development journey. To be honest, programming a game isn’t that hard anymore. Since most of the game engines to this day provide documentation about their APIs. So if you encounter a problem or forget a keyword, there will be always a helping hand online. Google is your friend here.
  • Music – Whoops, did you just say music? Of course! A game is boring without sound effects. So if you study game development, you will surely understand how music design works.

Last words

Learning how to make games can be hard for some people sometimes, but let me tell you that this will be the most fun experience you will ever have. Not only it is a high-paying career but it also gives you knowledge and security that you can use in the future. So if you are thinking of joining this diverse industry. GO! Do it.


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