WeeklyHow Updates

Hello WeeklyHow students! (and guests). Hope you all are doing well. Your favorite E-Learning platform only keeps getting better as we are back with a major update.

In this update, you’ll get a couple of new features that will absolutely help you enjoy the courses further.

Find out what the update has in store for you in the changelog below.

WeeklyHow changelog:

  • New: Video player for courses/lessons
  • New: Chapters for lesssons!
  • Fix: Login issue for new accounts
  • Fix: Students not receiving email notifications

New! Video player for courses/lessons

Up until this very moment, the video source of our courses and lessons is YouTube. This is causing us a lot of problems (like performance issues) and we’ve been working very hard to solve these problems. Now, we’ve found a replacement to our video players and we are very hopeful that this change will help you enjoy the courses further.

Speaking of further, with this new video player, we are finally able to add chapters to our courses/lessons. You can take a look at the example below:

With this feature, you will be able to skip to a chapter without going through the video/lesson itself.

Of course, there are also minor features that you may find very useful like the volume control, playback speed, and closed captions. Unfortunately, for closed captions, we are still not capable of providing a good subtitle or translations for our courses but of course, we are eager to find solutions to this problem.

Bugs! They are fixed.

We’ve been receiving a lot of complains about the login issues and email notifications, and we truly understand the frustration. That’s why we are very happy to let you know that these issues/bugs are now fixed.

We are very excited to release this update and I hope you feel the same way. Otherwise, let us know in the comments below and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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