Watch Eminem Fight Internet Trolls in his New Music Video ‘Fall’

5th September 2018   News


Eminem tries to outrun the ghosts of the internet in his new music video for “Fall”, a very meaningful and controversial song from his new album, Kamikaze which surprised a lot of people.

“Fall” is a diss track that finds Eminem taking shots at numerous foes. The music video for “Fall” opens with Eminem scrolling through his phone, reading negative critiques of his 2017 album, Revival, and one of its singles, “Walk on Water.”

Eminem being fed up with the criticism, he then tossed his phone and begins to walk around the streets, but he soon finds himself running from the ghost that came out of a tablet.

Spectre jumping into Eminem's body and possess the rapper.
Spectre jumping into Eminem’s body and possess the rapper.

The music video ended with the ghost cornering Eminem and jumping into his body possessing Eminem. The rapper leaps out the window of the building, but he manages to stand up.


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