Twitter Removal of Fake Accounts Drags Stock Lower


It’s not surprising anymore that twitter would cleanse its database to remove fake and malicious accounts to make the platform more welcoming for real people.

Recently, Washington Post report release an actual number of accounts that were deleted in May and June.
70 million accounts were deleted in those months and it affected its shares.
Its investors are worried that the cleansing of accounts could put a hollow in the company’s reported user figures.
Twitter had 336 million monthly users as of the first three months of this year.

According to Twitter Chief Financial Officer Ned Segal, most of the accounts that were removed were accounts that haven’t been active for more than a month or so.

“If we removed 70M accounts from our reported metrics, you would hear directly from us”, he tweeted.

In May, Twitter reported that their systems found almost 10 million of “potentially spammy or automated accounts per week”.
At that rate of fake account detection, the 70 million could even be conservative.


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