How To Drop Out of Your School

Dropping out of your school

Dropping out of your school

Dropping out of your school is a very serious decision that you may regret soon. Getting yourself a diploma is necessary to acquire a job or to get a college degree. However if you are very sure that this is the best decision for you, then you can drop out of your school but in a correct procedures. In this article we are going to talk about how to drop out of your school properly.

1.) What Are Your Reasons?

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You should have a lot of good reasons as to why you are going to leave your school, and understanding them can help you decide
whether it’s the best path for you to take. Here are some of the reasons for dropping out of school:

  • My school are not capable to teach things that i needed to learn or the school that i went is boring
    I want to drop out of this school so I can enroll to a better school or maybe take a vocational training early.
  • I have too much things to handle and now i don’t have time to go to school because i unexpectedly become a parent and i need to work
    This reason is acceptable, however there is a way to still keep your studies while working for your family.
    You can talk to your guidance counselor to help you change your schedule so you can earn money while studying.


Dropping out of your school will lessens your income as well. For instance, you want to work in a company, companies are most likely looking
for employees that have diplomas, so obviously it’s not the best decision for you. It’s better to keep your studies so you can have a better job.

Obviously there are tons of good reasons to drop out of your school but keep in mind that this is a serious decision that is
regrettable. You can talk to your parents or family to be guided properly regarding this decision that you’re going through.

There are people also that could help you decide properly like your principal or guidance counselor. Approaching these people
that you really trust will help you a lot to decide.

2.) What Are Your Plans After Dropping Out of Your School?

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Of course it is important to plan everything before dropping out of your school. You have to know what exactly you’re going to do after dropping out, are you going to build your own business? or are you going abroad to pursue something like a career or school? In other words you have to make plans to make this work. Just keep brainstorming, write everything down in your paper and later you can do research on how you can achieve these goals.

It is normal that you will be facing challenges when your reach these goals without graduating and that’s normal. All you need to give is more effort and time to make everything work.

3.) Are You In A Right Age to Drop Out?

Every state is different, there are rules that you need to follow before you can drop out of your school say for example your age. In some states you are not allowed to drop out of your school if your not 18 years old. However, some states are allowing teenagers to drop out regardless if they’re under 18 but they are required to have their guardian’s consent. So before dropping out make sure you know these important information.

You can find your state’s legal age requirements here.


4.) Getting Yourself a GED

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A GED (General Education Development), often referred to a high school-equivalency degree, is an examination that you can take to show employers that you have the education of someone with a high school diploma without having to go to school.

Examiners must be at least 16 years of age before they can take the GED exam, however some states require examinees to be 18 years of age or older unless they have an approval process and receive a wavier for their age.


Dropping out of your school is one of the toughest decision that you could be making but with the right process and lots of research you can find this challenge easy.

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