Gillette’s #MeToo Inspired Movement Super Bowl ad is Gaining Buzz


Gillette, a brand of men’s and women’s safety razors and other personal care products including shaving supplies, owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble, has been gaining a lot of buzz due to it referring to the #MeToo movement, sexual-harassment and bullying. Talking about men being misogynist, racist and trouble-maker.

At this point, the commercial that used “toxic masculinity” images in on its way to become one of the most disliked video uploaded to YouTube. The video is currently at 24.7 million views and 1.2 million dislikes.

Gillette knows exactly that advertising plays a big role in influencing different cultures. However, the main point of advertising is to increase product sales and build its brand identity as well as its value, not to force people to transform their social interactions.

Is The Ad Sending a Good Message or not?

Some online users are saying that the gillette’s ad aren’t that bad. In fact, it didn’t say that boys are “bad” it only says that men should be accountable and responsible for what they are doing and men should try to be a “better” man.

Try to see this point from women’s point of view, women already have these kind of commercials where they are forced to be a better version of themselves. Be slim, be hot, and be beautiful and none of them were offended by these commercials because they knew that it’s true. People should always try to be better.

I guess men were offended by this ad due to the fact the message are somehow true, that men will “always be men” and will never try to change. I guess the purpose of the ad is to spread the message that men should be better not only for women but also for themselves.

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