Watch Eminem “Dab” in his New Music Video ‘Lucky You’


Dabbing, or the dab, is a simple dance move in which a person drops the head into the bent crook of a slanted arm, typically while raising the opposite arm in a parallel direction but out straight; both arms are pointed to the side and at an upward angle. That’s what Eminem did in his new music video for ‘Lucky You‘. It might seem like a straight-up comedy but it has actually a deeper meaning than what you are thinking.


Eminem dabs with his fellow armies who tries to copy him
Marshall Mathers dabbing with his fellow armies who tries to copy him

In this music video, Eminem and Joyner Lucas encountered a horde of black hooded people with red eyes who copies every move that they make.

Kamikaze is currently the No. 1 album in the United States. It’s Eminem’s ninth chart-topping record. Shortly after the album’s release, Vernon voiced his disapproval of Eminem’s message on “Fall.”

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