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How To Display Product Image Using Shopify API (Ver 2020-01)

15th June 2019   Shopify

Welcome to another Shopify App Development Tutorial using PHP. In the previous article, we have guided you on how to display the product’s name as well as its price using our chosen Shopify API. In this article, we’ll be displaying not just the name of the product, not just the prices, but also the product’s […]

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Shopify App Development – How to Create Shopify Apps?

10th June 2019   Shopify

Shopify app development is an opportunity given to developers to help hundreds of thousands of Shopify stores. While doing so, they can earn as much as the entrepreneurs just by building for the Shopify App Store. What is Shopify? It’s such an understatement if you say that Shopify is just an ecommerce software. Technically it […]

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7 Best Mp3 Downloaders & Converters Online (Mobile & PC)

5th June 2019   Softwares

Search and download free music videos with these online downloaders that are best for downloading mp3 files. You may also convert them to video formats such as mp4, Avi, 3gp, and more! What is the best site to download free music? There are hundreds of free sites where you can free download music. All you […]

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How To Display Rooms in the Lobby (Unity v2019.1.1f1 & PUN 2)

3rd June 2019   Game Development

Welcome back to another tutorial on how to create a multiplayer game using Unity3D and Photon Unity Network also known as PUN2. In the previous tutorial, we’ve created the lobby where the players can either join in a room or create a room themselves and they can name it so other players will know which […]

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Unique Domain Name Generators For New Bloggers this 2019

1st June 2019   Internet

So you’re planning on building yourself a domain but don’t know if it’s available or not. You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll be guiding you on how to choose your domain name using these FREE tools available online to check domains’ availability. Domain Name Search Choosing the right domain name is […]

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How To Display Product Price Using Shopify API (ver 2019-07)

28th May 2019   Shopify

Welcome to another Shopify App Development Tutorial using PHP. In the previous article, we have guided you on how to display products using Shopify API and PHP and if you are interested about learning how to display products, you can read the article by clicking the link below. I believe that once you know how […]

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How to Create Lobby with Unity v2019.1.1f1 & PUN 2

26th May 2019   Game Development

In the previous tutorial, we have managed to setup our Unity project together with Photon Unity Network (PUN 2) and because of that, we are now able to make a server and clients where they can connect to each other. If you haven’t setup your Unity project with PUN2 yet, make sure you read the […]

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Download VidMate Premium APK ver. 4.2919 (Android / Windows)

19th May 2019   Softwares

Are you looking for a free video downloader online that allows you to download online videos from different video streaming websites likes YouTube? Let me introduce to you VidMate. A free application for Windows users that allows you to download online videos for free. What is VidMate app? VidMate is an application for different platforms […]

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Do Free Website Traffic Generators Work? Are They Safe and Effective?

17th May 2019   Internet

Getting organic traffic is not that hard to do especially nowadays that everything is in front of you. You just need to search online for guidance on how to get web traffic for free and then boom! Millions of articles will pop up in search results to help you get traffic. But, how can you […]

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[Tutorial] Unity v2019.1.1f1 & PUN 2 Multiplayer Networking Series

13th May 2019   Game Development

Have you ever thought of making a multiplayer game using Game Engines like Cry or Unity? You might be wondering how hard it is to create such games. Well, as a matter of fact, creating multiplayer games is not that hard to do. Especially if the API that you’re using provides documentation that is very […]

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